The OrCam Read transforms the learning experience of student with dyspraxia


Read about 12-year-old Aidan Lane's journey with the Orcam Read.

OrCam Technologies created the OrCam Read, a first-of-its-kind, personal AI-driven handheld digital reader with a smart camera that seamlessly reads text from any printed surface or digital screen. Developed with a singular purpose – to empower students with reading challenges – the OrCam Read transforms the reading experience of students with reading challenges, including dyslexia, dyspraxia, and mild to moderate vision impairment.

OrCam Read User Story:  Aidan Lane

12-year-old Aidan Lane finds reading really difficult. Diagnosed with dyspraxia, a condition that affects his coordination and processing ability, Aidan has had to overcome many challenges in his home and school life. 

Aidan’s mum, Katharine, noticed that something was different about Aidan’s development when he was small as he wasn’t meeting language milestones. Over the years, Aidan has worked hard with language and speech therapists. However, reading still causes him problems. In particular, he finds reading multiple pages with lots of text difficult and time-consuming since he must read the same information numerous times to fully understand it.  

Despite Aidan receiving additional help in school, he still struggles to keep up with the work set. During the global pandemic, the obstacles he faced became even more apparent as schooling was disrupted, and teachers were busier than ever supporting students both at home and in school. 

Aidan’s new life with OrCam Read

Having previously used assistive technology that required line-by-line scanning of sentences, Aidan set his heart on the OrCam Read solution and has since been blown away by its ability to help him quickly read full pages of text. Now he can use the OrCam Read to read his beloved Harry Potter books, code at home on his computer, and use it at school to help with his classwork.

Aidan explains: “I am able to do schoolwork by myself now! And I can read a whole book through and enjoy it, on my own. The OrCam Read is great – and dependable.”

Aidan’s mum, Katharine, has also been very impressed with the device: “The OrCam Read has helped Aidan to promptly read the teachers’ instructions and the research linked to it – thereby enabling him to understand, undertake and successfully complete the tasks. Since using the OrCam Read, Aidan has had a very glowing school report which strongly suggests that his abilities are further developing.”

Aidan’s teacher’s perspective 

Aidan’s tutor and science teacher has remarked that the OrCam Read is perfect for him – enabling Aidan to independently work and complete tasks to a high standard. Moreover, Aidan’s English teacher has said that Aidan has been able to access texts and complete tasks with no help. He views this as a highly positive development for Aidan in him being able to move forward and progress in his school career.

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Author: OrCam