7 reasons to consider OrCam Read as the next SEN essential


Find out more about OrCam, read about existing users' experiences and see why OrCam Read is the next big thing in SEN!

OrCam Technologies created the OrCam Read, a first-of-its-kind, personal AI-driven handheld digital reader with a smart camera that seamlessly reads text from any printed surface or digital screen. Developed with a singular purpose – to empower students with reading challenges – the OrCam Read transforms the reading experience of students with reading challenges, including dyslexia, dyspraxia, and mild to moderate vision impairment.

A personalised reading solution for everyone: parents and educators who want an effective way to help struggling readers, as well as those children with special educational needs. "Special Educational Needs" is a general term for any child with learning difficulties including dyslexia. OrCam Read is designed especially for people with dyslexia who can now read more independently and confidently. Here are the top reasons why OrCam Read is the best assistive device for children with special educational needs.

1.   Reading Has Never Been More Effective and Accessible to Students
This pioneering device enables students to achieve a high level of reading independence and enhances their learning process. Unlike other products on the market that require users to scan text word-by-word or one line at a time, the OrCam Read uses two precision laser guidance options. The reader can either capture an entire page of text or read selected paragraphs and convert them into audio in real-time.

2.     The New Smart Reading Feature
The Smart Reading feature allows students to pinpoint areas of text to be read by using commands such as "Start from" a particular section or ‘Read the headlines’. Their learning process is made more efficient as students can easily and quickly locate relevant information, which is especially important when preparing for academic exams or completing research projects.

3.   OrCam Read Reduces the Need for ‘Support’ of Another Person
The OrCam Read greatly reduces or even eliminates the need for “support” from another person (parent, teacher, tutor) whether that is when completing assignments, reading exam questions, handouts, or smartboard presentations to students. By enabling students to read independently, they are able to feel more confident and empowered in their studies.

The OrCam Read has a range of features to individualise the device to fit each student’s needs. This includes text-to-speech (TTS) which allows students with special educational needs or learning disabilities (SpLD) such as dyslexia to read more effectively and improve their comprehension.

4.   Safe and Productive Working Tool
Importantly, in this age of data breaches, the OrCam Read ensures a safe and productive working environment as the device operates entirely offline. As such, there are no data privacy concerns or the possibility of online distraction. Unlike other reading pens, OrCam Read does not require any connection to a computer with internet access.

5.   It’s So Discreet 
Danielle Blunden, Wells Cathedral School’s SEN Teacher, explains that: “The OrCam Read isn’t like other dyslexia assistive devices or readers, it’s very discreet, intuitive to use and looks like a cool piece of tech that any student would be proud to have.”

You do not have to embarrass while using assistive pen scanners, especially if you are using OrCam Read. Vocalizing the printed text immediately is a big advantage and the device is very compact.  Ultimately, social stigma is reduced whilst self-esteem is elevated.

6.   Eliminates the Need to Produce Audio Recording Materials
OrCam Read aims to reduce the time and resources that teachers and educational institutions spend on creating additional accessible materials for students with reading challenges. When you have OrCam Read, the most advanced text-to-speech reading scanner on the market, any written text or document can be accessible.

7.     Easy-to-Use and Intuitive
Paloma Forde, a leading expert in the field of Special Educational Needs & Dyslexia, and Founder of Screen4Dyslexia said: “I am amazed at not only how easy it is to use OrCam Read, but also how awesome it is to just click a button and the device will read any piece of text back to me. This innovative piece of modern equipment needs to be in every school, so it can help support those students with literacy difficulties, including dyslexic students.”

Author: OrCam