Here’s what some of our visitors have to say:

Mark Robinson, Onwards & Upwards

“With the Onwards & Upwards workshop standing room only and continuous visitors to the stand, my diary is now full for the next several weeks. This has been the BEST SHOW EVER!!”

Sue Smits, Morrells Handwriting

“Even in these hard economic times, the TES SEN Show is one investment opportunity that I would never miss. The show clearly attracts the relevant people and has increased our profile and sales beyond our expectations. As always, the friendly and supportive staff made the whole process of exhibiting and visiting seamless. Thank you for another well organised show!”

Mark Hayes, Autism Eye magazine

“We always enjoy exhibiting at the show because it’s busy and we meet a lot of teachers and other professionals. We find the event a great way of spreading awareness.”

Joanna Jeffery, Read Successfully

“What a wonderful, cheerful TES show it was this year. I have exhibited for several years and this year was wonderful and by far the best. There was such a buzz and so much enthusiasm from the teachers and professionals who visited our stand. It was clear that they also enjoyed the seminars as they chatted about them to us and that’s a first. How very heartening in the current climate of change and worry. Thank you so much for putting on the exhibition.”

Charlene Pearson Timotay Playscapes

“We had an excellent time at the show this year and have had a load of strong leads come back to us.”

Jordan Butel, Crick Software

“It is the only show where you get delegates who are hungry to find out new and innovative ways of supporting their pupils. We meet hundreds of SENCOs with money to spend and are willing to spend it on a good product.”

Jean Hutchins, British Dyslexia Association

“Our stand and seminars at the show are an excellent way to disseminate dyslexia information to great many SEN professionals.”

Helen Savery, White Space (Wordshark) Ltd

“Special Needs London is quite simply our favourite exhibition”